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Trenchless Repairs

If you have ever had a whole house stoppage, chances are the plumber might want to do a camera inspection. Upon that inspection you might be told you have a main line drain stoppage. If this has happened to you do not let anyone dig up your yard, patios, driveway, or sidewalks.

At 1st Choice we specialize in trenchless repairs! This is a procedure called “pipe bursting” with very little destruction to your property. Using pipe bursting, a cable is strung from one end of the pipe to the other. 

A pipe bursting head is attached to the cable. A strong winch at the other end pulls the pipe bursting head with the new pipe behind it through the old pipe… breaking it in the process and replacing the old pipe with the new.

This is the newest and most non-invasive way to solve any re-piping that you might need in your home. Save yourself money, time and hassle. To learn more call 1stChoicePlumbingAz for all your underground piping needs!

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